Pregnancy: Detects pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAG’s)which are only present in the presence of an embryo or fetus and can be used as early as 28 days post breeding. Test gives a number value to determine pregnancy, but can not accurately determine stage of pregnancy due to fluctuation of proteins during various stages of pregnancy. The mere presence of the protein determines the pregnancy.

BVDV-PI: Detects BVDV antibodies in serum- can detect PI and Transient infected. This test provides a number value to determine severity of infection.

JOHNES: Detects MAP antibodies in serum and can play a major roll in determining the severity of the disease.

Anaplasmosis: Detects the presence of Anaplasma antibodies in serum samples and provides a % of infection based on the sample as a whole.

BLV: Detects BLV antibodies against Viral Proteins and provides a number value to client to determine severity of infection.

What is required from the client?

  • Properly filled out lab form or paper with requested tests, client name, billing address and phone number.
  • 3 mL of whole blood in a serum separator tube from each animal being tested
  • BVD-PI tests can be run on blood or small and large ear notch
  • Each tube should be clearly marked with animals identification.
  • Pack samples to be tested with icepacks and ship as soon as possible.
  • Samples are best run within 5 days of collection.